Pet Exchange

Pet Exchange

With the release of the new version, the new pets are everyone's mind. Everyone wants one, but there aren't enough for everyone, so we're bringing back the Pet Exchange! Simply bring in one of your old pets and exchange it for one of the new ones!  

Registration Period
4:00am April 10th to11:59pm April 15th EDT(GMT-4)

Players need to contact our Live Support and send the old Pet Whistles to the GM from April 16th until April 18th EDT(GMT-4). In return, the GM will send out the new Pet Whistles to the players' accounts on April 19th EDT(GMT-4).

Level Requirements
For a Level 40 New Pet, your old pet needs to be Level 80.
For a Level 0 New Pet, your old pet needs to be between Level 40 and Level 79.

1. Log in to the Event sign up page, then fill in all the necessary information to participate in the event. Each character is limited to 3 submissions. The new pets whistle that can be exchanged are Shadow Reaper Whistle, Hell Wolf Whistle, Ice Fairy Whistle, Flaming Urcs Whistle.
2. A player can only have up to 3 new pets. The new pet whistles can not be traded.
3. If you have exchanged for a Level 40 new pet, you need to contact our GM via Live Support so that our GM will improve your pet to Level 40. (All the pets sent to you are Level 1).
It's now or never, so make sure to take us up on this great chance now!



When can we expect new pets to be released on pet exchange?


Original posted by DSOFA at 2012-4-10 07:21
When can we expect new pets to be released on pet exchange?
in the next patch when the new pets arive...

come on man, you know igg's policy... '' as long as we can drain every last peny from our mindless consumers we will continue to do so. now you all better find me new ways to scr3w players over and put ingame items on IM ''



lol i made several requests to Live support team n various Igg staff n i wouldnt expect to exchange of any urus for lizardmen b4 xmas 2014. Players are paying 300kk+ for em even in game.. spike right long as ppl keeep using IM..
When it does eventually happen all those days chasing colorful clouds n getting flaming urus whistles will pay off(even i free urus for 1 free lizard/panda is gonna be a winner.)
I hope this new patch offers a gen III pet exchange though, really do, 2014 is too far away. I wont pay for a new pet in IM cos they already require too many pet equip- revival pills, bloodlines, jewelry etc for the last version n soon to be repeated or thats another element of game that be obsolete.
(even what used to be my prized reaper with well over 100 Damage Reduction cant handle BI/NI n high lvl instances-unless i wanna spam cabinets, the pets are not adequate for where this game is going.)
* The pet exchange is one of the few events everyone has always looked forward too, might even get a few people playing again if they offer gen 3's instead of fairies etc (gen II pets)


I also said this in another thread  but will copy/paste it here:

The 3rd Generation pets are currently on sale in limited sales of IM (April 9 &10 only)
800 IM per pet ( Panda in on 2nd page) (Cowboy lizard only from Guild owned cities)
They are for sale in the Regular item mall for 1,000 IM each.

Now considering the Ice fairy and Shadow reaper go for 100 IM... They are probably still making a profit by selling and not giving away the 3rd generation pets. (so as said above, do not expect them to be a trade in item very soon)

Also the Hell wolf has never been offered in the item mall because it is sold by guild owned cities...
I expect the same for the Lizard policeman as that is the only 1 of the 3rd generation 4 that is not listed in the item mall regular price or on sale.

However, it does appear they are trying to flood the market with 2nd generation pets; we have had a trade in every month for the last 3 months (they use to be every other month) and we were flooded with Urus in the cloud event.

I think they are trying to get us to get and  level 2nd gen pets now because in the future we will only level our 3rd generation pets (why bother with weaker pets)... and because we already know there is a 4th generation or at least a 2nd release of more 3rd generation pets yet to come. ( we do not know the china version pets' stats)

- Ele

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