Labor Suit Drawings

Labor Suit Drawings

Hey all,

I remember sometime last year (I think) someone posted a conversation here they had with Live Support where the LS person mentioned the labor suit drawings had been removed from the game. Is this still so or is there a way to get them again?  The reason I ask is because I've seen several people in those labor suits on Zheng He server, which I don't believe existed back then.

(and I'm talking the real labor suits that increase SP recovery, not the little Adventurer alliance quest rewards & whatnot)


Zheng he is a new server and drawings are dropping and players make the uni's i think your misinformed.


here is the old info on where they drop:
I seem to remember that they tended to drop in groups... like 2 or 3 would drop one day then no one would get one for a week.
Labor Suits
  *Intensified Labor Suit (Sewing 32) : Golden Eye, Jackal, and Falcon Smuggling Ship, or Level 6 pirate boss... drawing is a rare drop, so good luck!
  *Expert Labor suit (Sewing 62); Board Devil, Tiger, Skeleton, Hades? Smugglers
  *Master Labor Suit (Sewing 92): Board Hades Smugglers or Scorpion, Scared and Nightmare Smugglers at Tortue ... and these drops are even more rare!
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Thank you.


Incidentally, is there any data on which of the 3 types of ships in each of those categories drop it most frequently?

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I got mine from a Falcon but others have gotten from other so I think it is really random


Drops come from boarding Smugglers,

Goldeneye and Falcons have dropped me the intensified Drawing

Tigers and devils have drop me the expert drawings

Hades and the scorpion, nightmare and scared level ships from tortue have dropped me the Master Drawings.

be prepared tho, it took me 3 months of nonstop boarding, 5+ hours daily to get intensified, the master drops easier than that (in my experience) and the expert is pretty much impossible to get (tiger and devil ships rarely spawn .  My best luck has been with North Sea and Gibraltar ships, and of course Tortue black sails.  Wait till they have a 2x drop weekend, in Zheng He i got all 3 draws that weekend.  

There is not much $ to be made in selling unis anymore, but man, back in the day a Master suit with +30 load i could unload that for 35kk, of course planting was manual back then, no autoplant card (hi-level healing pots were 150k each).

Wish you the best of luck


I just got one from a falcon smuggler ship.


Got one too

I play in Zhang He.Got one expert labour suit from grappling devil ship in Tortue city yesterday.   This confirms that the drawing still exist in game.
Its just become harder to get. I boarded quite a number of smugglers before i gave up and ended buying double drop card from the item mall. i got the drawing in just 3 tries. i guest this is some proof that the double drop card is working nicely.Too bad the card only last for 2 hours and most of those time is wasted waiting for the smugglers to spawn

and those double drop card?  i cant find any sold separately.. they are bundled in a pack with other stuff.

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