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Well at the end i have to agree with you.

How do i edit, all these table are made in word, i only print screen and paste it. I have all tables in word documents, if i need to edit something i open that document, edit, then print screen gain and upload. Its a lot of easier than editing in this forum code (its crazy).

Anyways tell me what information's are you missing ill find them for you


The editor used by the forums called discuzcode... is very similar to HTML only wayyy less things you can do with it.

So for those of us that learned the basic HTML hard coding back in the ancient days before there were programs to make it for< removes cob webs from hair >
its not all that difficult.
Plus there are many online websites that teach HTML so if you need a refresher its easy to find.

But honestly, all you have to do is make something using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tab buttons.. save it (hit reply).. then edit your post and use the Discuz Code tab to see what it looks like in hard code.

The only thing the WISYIWYG does not do is show you how to size images and do column spacing... which I am still experimenting with... but I can tell you an image sizing code looks like:

[img=38,39]image_web_site.address[/img   - missing end bracket
where 38 = width, 39 = height

the key to writing here in the forums is to make lots of spaces (enter key) between lines of info so its easy to find and update.
Unfortunately lots of empty lines in the coding = empty space before the table begins (weird glitch of the program).

So for a final guide, I just delete all empty spaces and hard returns. (easily done using browser search for "/tr" which is end of line in table code...then delete any spaces after that code)


- Ele

As for missing information...well what ever you see missing is what I am missing.
pictures and info for high level instances...
Pictures and info for treasure drops
Pictures and info for jail - need a good parrot screen shot to add to mouse for "what it really looks like" picture.
Are there any more NPC's/ monsters that you can kill for exp? maybe in quests??

Just saw a new post about HI that had missing names - I will add names but need pictures.

Weapon and Uniform drops... if I have the jewlery pics, should I have them too?
Background color... it the light blue ok or should it be something else... you have white in yours... I can do that if a few think it is easier to read that way.  I think the blue is less glaring.... but could do pink!  lol

I'm sure to think of more later.

- Ele

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I know html, but when you put picture in table, you cant have colored table anymore,  bug or something? Anyways ill start working on those missing things first thing in the morning.

Btw, try sending an alt to jail to get those parrots picture, just attack guards lol


I can get background color to work... but have only tried for whole table

code is:
[table=98%,Pink] .body of information.......[/table  - end square bracket missing
that is the very fist coding used to start table... see instance monster list and Treasure lists for demo.

yeah.. guess Ill have to go to jail
kinda a bad thing when in a neutral guild. good thing my alts are not in the guild yet.

-----------UPDATE --------------

I went to jail... 10/11/09
there are no longer parrots in the jail... only "underground rat" - and yes it looks like a mouse!

so if anyone gets a magical flute - please confirm or deny that parrots spawn!!!

- Ele

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Hey i hope you can read this its from chinese, but here are some stats for HI bosses. Also there's a full NPC guide with full stats but you already have them, i checked they are same as yours.

[img][/img] HI Guide

Also as i said in post above crocodiles on HI drop those Perfect hide and High class chine.

Sorry about big pictures, i was going on quality cause if i put low quality here, and then you crop them and reduce their quality even more it would be lame =P. Hope you can load them.

I was in salinas and i couldn't find any snakes there only Small Wildmans. They  dont drop anything (not even coins) and die in few hits (they have like 3000 hp).

These Imperials are in zhigu suburb. Theres a fleet / guild task which requires to kill them. They dont drop anything (not even coins), and die in few hits similar to wildman. These 2 should be added beneath abdulah, cause they are "special" monsters.

Will add more info as i confirm them.

And please split those information's about instances. Each instance his  own table

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I have the small wildman and the imperial grave robber in the regular guide.

I have them in the regular guide because they will attack you even if you just stand there.
Even though they do not drop anything.
(they are both monsters for merchant alliance quests,  and give good xp, even I have afk'd the wildmen.)
Maybe Ill put them in both sections.
Then again If I add them to the special monsters then I may have to put in Guarding Elf Tiger,wolves, and and any other animal killed for any other quest... and I donot see the need for that.

I am thinking about putting the other quest monsters in the regular guide... but because they are level 1 monsters... I do not want to confuse any new players or encourage them to go looking for the elk in an area they should not be in.
I need a way to tell them not to go unless over 31+ weapon... hmmm
... will think on this some more.

- Ele

will have to make the icons for the hide and chine after work.
as for splitting the instance info...It will depend how much space (forum post space) I have left.

-------update -------
got home too late to get pics for hide and chine (maintenance)... maybe tomorrow (oh wait it is tomorrow.)
...errr about 20 hrs from now 1:30 AM  lol...did some changes though.

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Looks like i missed them, i thought you don't have them in guide. silly me

I thought you should add them below abdallah, cause they are task monsters,  and doesn't drop anything,same as those elks.


Hurricane Island guide for ele (Will take a while to load on dial up =P be patient )

So at the beginning you have to enter the instance of course and you spawn inside the mine.

At beginning there are a lot of Cave Manis Pentadactyla and Rapid Manis Pentadactyla. You added them correctly. Well rapids are weaker than cave so i suggest you add rapid first

But you missed Ground-escaping manis pentadctyla. I found only 2-3 of them. They are a little stronger than other two.They dropped map pieces like other ones, perfect hide, high class chine...

After them lets say in the middle of mine you can find Golden pirate mineworkers. These guys are weak, they have less hp than cave manis and rapid manis, but a higher attack. They drop map pieces, coins, perfect hide, high class chine...

And you can find Golden pirate supervisors.  They are stronger than mineworkers. These 2 are all over the mine even near rwan. They drop silver coins,map pieces, perfect hide, high class chine...

When you find Golden pirate explorer, you have to let him attack you. He is the weakest here. There are like 2-3 of them in whole mine. He drop silver coins,map pieces, perfect hide, high class chine...

After a 60 sec or so if you don't kill him (pirate explorer) he will spawn Golden pirate supervisor chief. He is strongest in mine but still he isn't boss. He drop silver coins,map pieces, perfect hide, high class chine...

I never got anything else than perfect hide, high class chine,  map pieces, silver coins from these guys. I think they can also drop ares and hades jewelery but im not sure.

At the end of the mine you can find rowan he is surrounded by supervisors and mineworkers. As you see he hits you in coma state, that skill is called "Vertigo" which lasts 10 seconds. This 2m is the one who removes 300 attack (that's why i have only 600 =P) And the worse one is this 1m which reduces 100 SP per second .  

He drops Rwan's amulet ( Rwan talisman in your guide) ( i have it equped on screenshot), Inhumanity Ring (cruelty ring in your guide), Alchemy drawings level 101 (syrup making in your guide) (find them in my alchemy guide), and i never get rare gold from him so i guess that's only on chinese version. Also he drops all kind of stones, Flame Stone, Amethyst Stone..... etc. also special skill manuals...Donno what w means in your hp of rwan,but i think it means 320 000 hp + ...

After you kill rwan thed door to 2nd floor (cave) will be open

This might be stupid but there are also other monsters in mine cave.

Baby mice. They drop map pieces but nothing else as far as i know. They have like 100 hp, 1 att , 1def... lol

And another one (How cute )

And some bugs same thing as mouses.

And black bug of course.

And woot a red bug??

And yes here you go icons of perfect hide and class chine so you can add them to all monsters first and 2nd floor(not bugs and mouses lol), and crocodiles outside of course.

Well thats ll for now will add second floor later I hope you understand it better now

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2nd floor is lizard cave.

When you enter there is a whole labyrinth on every corner lies numbers of lizards.

Sharp claw clave lizard is the weakest i would say. They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine,pimp stones, drilling items for certificate of overlord, thalosocrats etc.

I would say Green throat poisonous lizard is second in a row. He is really the weakest but his poison make him powerful. They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine,pimp stones, drilling items for certificate of overlord, thalosocrat etc.

Steel skin cave lizard is in the middle i would say. They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine,pimp stones, drilling items for certificate of overlord, thalosocrat etc.

I would say Landification lizard is almsot strongest.They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine, pimp stones, drilling items for certificate of overlord, thalosocrat etc.

Blood Giant lizard is the strongest. He spawns those small ones below, same as rowan. They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine,pimp stones,  drill  items for certificates, thalosocrats etc...

Lens and Blood giant spawn these Mutant stormy lizards, they have high acc and dont deal a lot of damage, but when you have 50 of them it gets tricky. They drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine.

Last boss here is Lens you can see him on picture above. He drop silver coins, map pieces, perfect hides, high class chine,pimp stones, drilling items for certificate of overlord, thalosocrat etc., lens eye (i have it in inventory on that rwan picture above), inhumanity ring(that brutality as you call him),all kind of draws, foundry ship building, alchemy,sewing level 11-12, he doesnt drop key, key isautomaticly opened when he dies. He have this strange skill, less hp he have more those small mutant lizards are spawned...

These are the drilling items which every monster drop as  i know.

This is as far as i got, i can go on 3rd floor and kill lions but i have to heal a lot so its not worth it. Ill print screen you few monster there but  i cant promise anything

Got this bird. She is strong, got some strange skill lose 250 hp per 2 sec last 20sec


No need to put map pieces and silver coins in every monster drop, cause you already said that all monsters drop them in beginning of the guide.

Monsters in cave drop ordinary ship modifiers and lens can drop superior.

Lens can drop weapon and uniform drawings no need to put ?, i already gun lvl 11 gun, sword, falch...

Lizard cave mine? Its in mine only like other ones. And don't put these stats cause i was guessing them, they are very weak like crabs even less...

Bug (black)100 hp
1 Att
1 Def ???  
Hurricane Island Instance; Lizard Cave Mine (1st level)

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just a couple of clarifications..

a ship modifier is for drilling holes...  they come in level 1,2,3,4, or 5  just like the regular drill stones.  (only level 1 is for sale in the IM.)  ... i used wrong is a green semi oval stone.

Not sure what to call the ship embedding items (keel etc..).. but I did not add those yet... as you said ALL monsters drop them.. even the mice?  I don't know how to classify these either... old, ordinary superior ?? I'll see if any are for sale anywhere and check names.
I can not find any Keel or ship modifiers... guess that classification will have to wait.
Lizard cave mine?
= TYPO...  hey it was 2 AM when I did that.

I put in coin because some do not drop coin correct??  so either I put in the coin or add "do not drop coin" to all the others.
So do most (HI) monsters drop coin?  or do most (HI) monsters  not drop coin?

- Ele

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