! Provisions Guide !

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! Provisions Guide !

Hey there,

I guess you are saying to yourself: why make a guide on provisions? Well the answer is: I have a little info to share, and also I want to help out some newbies if they have just started. This is guide only small, and unfinished, so bear with me...

What are Provisions

As you may already know from the tutorial, provisions are the food, water and supplies that are needed at sea. You need a certain amount of provisions to sail off, depending on the amount of sailors you are carrying. If you have a lot of sailors you will need a lot of provisions. You should always make sure that you have enough provisions before sailing off to the high seas, otherwise you might run out, which will result in your ship sailing at a speed of 3 (very slow).

When you are on the high seas, you can take a look at the upper right hand of your screen. You will see:

- Hull Durability, Sail Durability
- Sailors
- Stamina Points
- Provisions
- Silver

If you hover the mouse over he Provisions section you will find that it tells you how much provsions will decrease each time, total amount of provisions and how long that will last for (days at sea, not real days). You can also see this information without hovering the mouse. You will see something like 100/1000/5. Which means that your provisions will go down by 100 each time, you have 1000 in total and that will last for 5 days at sea.


This is the interesting part (sort of). Ever wondered how many days at sea 1000 provisions will last you, or what about a box of 99,999 compressed provisions (provisions with no weight, bought from the Item Mall or from other players [also from the merchant ability quest in Dakar])? Lets find out. Here is the formular here:

Total amount of provisions / total amount of sailors = days at sea x 2

So you will have to do this:

Total / Sailors = x
x / 2 = Days at sea

For example: If I have 110 sailors and 2000 provisions:

2000 / 110 = 18.18
18.18 / 2 = 9.09 days at sea

Of course you will have to round the numbers off. Now lets see about a compressing provision box, with 500 sailors:

99,999 / 500 = 200
200 / 2 = 100 days at sea

Or even the one we mentioned earlier: 1000 provisions, 100 sailors:

1000 / 100 = 10
10 / 2 = 5 days at sea

I think you get the picture. With this method you can work out other things too, like how many provisions needed to last 10 days at sea:

x / 100 = 20
20 / 2 = 10 days at sea

x = 20 x 100
20 / 2 = 10 days at sea

x = 2000
Therefore: 2000 provisions are needed to last 10 days at sea with 100 sailors.

You can also work out other things, but remember your ship has a minimum sailor amount. To work out how many sailors you should take out (no speed lost, but uses less provisions) use this formular:

Max sailor amount / 2 + 1 = Good amount of sailors

For example: if I have 110 max sailors:

110 / 2 = 55 + 1 = 56 sailors


- When you are doing merchant quests you can buy Compressed Provisions, as I explained earlier. These are provisions that take no weight, so you can carry a lot as well as goods, etc...

- Raiders take more provisions because they have more sailors, you can reduce your sailors but that will cost speed.

- You can buy Provisions from the Docker for 2 silver coins each.

- You can buy Compressed Provisions from the Item Mall or from Players (ussually in Seville).

- Another way to get 99,999 compressed provisions is to do the Quest:

Compressing Provision

Req: Eloquence between 30 and 41

Deliver 5 x Wheat (Las Palmas), Marijuana (Dakar) and Mirror (Seville)

Reward: 1 x Compressing Provision Box, 1,800,000 Elo exp

- You can also get provisions from Pirates, Drifters and by Fishing (not very many through fishing).

- I would ussually carry about 100k silver to spend on provisions and so forth, to save going from the bank to the docker, etc...

- Days at sea are shorter than regular game days (24 min)

- Make sure you buy your provisions first, before you buy goods if you plan to sail around without the help of another ship. Otherwise you may not have enough room left for provisions!

- You can sail in offshore, drifters and battlefields WITHOUT using provisions, but you are still required to carry the mimimum amout.

- Sailing speed on the high seas effects the amount of provisions that decrease each time, but of course you will loose speed.

- That is pretty much all, however if you feel you can add something, please don't hesitate to PM me. Of course there are probably more formulars that I don't know (like the one to find the minimun sailors you ship takes [I think it is 35% of max sailors, but no confirmation]).

Thank you for reading my guide, and I hope that I can help someone, somewhere...

Smooth sailing to all!

~ SayetySoo ~


As I say EVERY time I make a guide, please feel free to post suggestions and ask questions!

~ SayetySoo ~


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