Complete Beginner Guide

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Complete Beginner Guide

This Guide has been written to give new VCO Players a little Help and Guide through the first Steps in VCO. This Guide is one of different possible Ways – it is no MUST – but I may help a bit in the first Days.
There might by some mistakes in the Text – a result of my “German School English” but Ithink it’s understandable for everyone!
The WYSIWYG Function in here seems to be buggy! Missing Spaces of curious Signs are a Result of Copy and Paste from Word to this Forum Function!

Please giveme some Feedback!

What u needfor the Beginning:
- installed VCO
- created Account
- logged in VCO official Forums
- I really recommend you the Use of VCO Almanac

1.) The Beginner Tutorials:
After Account Creation three Beginner Missions are waiting for you. They guide you through your first Steps in Voyage. “Movement”, “Purchasing”, “Fighting”and “Sailing”. After finishing these Missions, will gained first Experience insome Skills and spawn now in your City of Birth. This might be Alexander, Athens, Beirut or Istanbul.
You don’t need to do those Missions; you will get the first Experience also when you do some sailing or fighting on your own later.
After spawning in your City, speak to the NPC next to you. This Guy has a twinkling Blue “!” above his head. He will give you 8000 Silver as Reward for acompleted Beginner Tutorial.
This is the Silver you have to work with now…

2.) The Character Skills
At the Beginning of your Life your Account has 4 main Skills. Other Skills are available, but you have to learn them first before you can level-up them. Nearly each City has a Skill Tutor for this use. But be careful – learning new Skill is not for free. When you just started playing VCO, simply decide to learn one Weapon Skill, and a Collecting Skill like Timber and Mining. Istrongly recommend you not to buy more then these two Skills at the Beginning, because you have to buy some Items also, and you run out of Silver then.


Okay, you start with those 4 Mainskills in your City of Birth. You should at first learn some Timber-felling or Mining now. Also a Weapons Skill! You can learn all WeaponSkills at this time but NOT Shooting. For shooting you need Ammunition ->cost Silver -> you have non ;)
Now level-up all these Skills to Skill level 11.
For Collection Skills you have to go to Suburb of your City. You will find on the Map (top left Symbol in HUD) some Places where you can collect Iron, Log or Plant some Crops. Go there and try to find out what you need to do now. Maybe other Players Ingame might help you. Always remember: Collecting Materials need loading Capacity. You are not able to access your Ship in Suburb, so you have to put all collected Materials in you Character. Always wear the Clotheswith highest loading capacity when you are collecting.
After your skill reached Level11 you passed the Requirements to produce Mats, Goods or Items of the next higher Level now. Same with 21, 31, 41, 51…. up to 111. Always try to reach these Skill areas!
To produce something click on the Commands Tab (lower right in HUD) and rightclick some of the top Symbols in the „at Land“ category. (Smelting, Processing, Foundry…)


Basically each Skill has a Range from Level 1 up to 120. Normal Players are able to bring 7 Skills up to Level 120 and Voyage. Voyage is a special Skill and levels without any breaks up to Level 100. (When you are willed to pay some real Money in Item Mall you are able to level all your Skills up to Level 120.) Each Skill is divided in three Sections, called Phase. Phase1 is Skill Level 1 – 31. Phase2 is Skill Level 31 – 100 and Phase3 Skill Level 100 – 120. Between these Phases there are levelling breaks – you will not gain any Experience now. You have to promote your Character at the Skill Tutor to the next Phase or use those Books you can buyin the Item Mall. Once promoted you are able to get Experience again and the Color of the promoted Skill in your Character Box changes.
Because ofthese levelling restrictions it’s important to set the right Skills up to Phase2/Phase3. The Best way is to play a bit without promoting anything, use all Skills and check what Collecting or Weapon Skill you like. After that decide what Skill you promote.
Importantto promote:

- 4xMain Skills (Barehanded-fighting, Seabattle, Voyage, Eloquence = needed for Uniforms)
- 1xWeapon Skill (Axe, Sword, or Falchion – not gun!)
- 1xProduction Skill (Sewing, Foundry, Ship-building, Alchemy)
- 1xCollecting Skill corresponding to your needs in Production Skill

Basically ou level-up like this:

All 10 Skill Points (11,21,31,41...) you passed Requirements for next higher Mats, Item, Goods Level
All 4 Skill Level (4,8,12,16,20,...) you get a Stunt Point (will be discibed later)

The Skills and Stunts are often Corresponding. The Stunts set the rules what Level you are able to produce or buy, what Timber you are able to cut or what Loading Capacity or Energy your Character has.
Sounds hard, but it isn’t!

3.) The Ship Skills

An important Point ist he Ship Skill Level. Each Ship you use has three different Skills: Manuverbility, Military Equipment and Stucture wich you can find in your Ship Tab to the right. These Bars show you at what Point you are able to Rebuild your Ship to the next higher Level. Each Shiptype Adventure, Merchant and Battleship you can rebuild has one corresponding Skill you need. Your Ship skills increase when you Level-up your Character. Structure is levelled-up by Eloquence, Military Equipment by Seabattle, and Manuverbility by Voyage Skill.

- Increased by doing Highseas Discoverys
- Increased by sailing around (Voyage Skill)
- Increased by doing Quests withVoyage Exp. As Reward

Military Equipment:
- Increased by sinking Ships in Seabattle,Offshore or Highseas
- Increased by doing Quests with Seabattle Exp. AsReward

- Increased by doing Trade (Transport Goods fromCity to City)
- Increased by doing Quests with Eloquence Exp. AsReward


You will start with a Dragon Ship in your Beginner Equipment. You should also buy two more Ships at Shipyard Boss – but first check your Budget. One of these Ships rebuild to a Merchant Ship Level 1 and the other to an Adventure Ship Level 1 after passing the Requirements. The Dragonboat will be used as your Battleship.

Most Important:
A Battleship does not need any Strucure Points, a Merchant Ship no Military Equipment Points and so on…
Means: Before leaving a Port be sure what you want to do now and pick the right Ship fort his use. You will reach the next Level-up faster, the more you take a look on that Hint. It might be a bit complicated at the Beginning, but it makes no sense to sink Ships with aMerchant Ship and get some Military Eqipment Points here. You will get some ofthese Points automatically in your Ships life. So only Level-up your Main Skill to rebuild as soon as possible.
Maximum Ship Skill is actually Level 100. Each 10 Levels (Level 10, 20, 30,…) you passed the Requirements to rebuild your Ship. Ship Rebuilds are possible at Shipyard Bosses of different Cities.

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4.) The Stunt Points

At the Beginning the Stunts are confusing. When you level-up your Character by 4 Levels you get 1 Stunt Point. Exchange these Points for Ability at Skill Tutor then. But watch out: Stunting wrong might cause some loose of Time!
The Collection Skills (Timber, Mining, Fishing and Planting) have some Abilities that allow you to collect Mats and Goods of the next higher Level. Always stunt these first before you set any other Stunt Point. So keep your Stunt Points upto Level 55 in these Skills and only set the following Stunts: Timber Study, Ore Study, Botany Study! After stunting those, you can set the other Stunt Points.
Same with Eloquence, where the Skill is called “Purchasing”. You will be able to collect Log, Iron or Crops of high Levels, will gain more Experience then and level-up faster. Stunting wrong here might cause slower levelling and less Experience. Purchasing Skill of Eloquence allows you to buy Goods of a higher level. Higher Goods Level = Higher Experience
Check your Character Tab, click one of the available Skills and see the Progressing Bar. You will see where you have unused Stunt Points and what Experience is needed tolevel-up!
The other Stunt Points in the Collection Skills are not needed at the Beginning and canbe balanced with Clothing or Jewelry (more Load, more SP or HP)
Your Skill level, and the Stunts Level is the Requirement for what you are able to Stunt. It is possible to have some Stunt Points left, but the Stunt you want to level-up is now available. Your Skill-Level is too low then! Level upand it will appear then.


All the other Skills should be stunted like you want to do this. Read the Stunt Discription and then Stunt on your own. Important Hint: Stunt the Passive Skills first!
Each Stunt has 12 possible Levels, but not all Stunts can be set to 12 when you reach Level 120 later.

5.) The Inventory

It is really important to check your Skill Level all the Time you are levelling. Each 10 Skill Levels you are able to do something new. Higher Goods, Higher Mats, whatever – it gives your Character a huge Boost.

Each Cityoffers different Items of different Levels.

Important for your Character:

Clothing and Hat
- Clothing for Eloquence
- Clothingfor Voyage
- Clothingfor Seabattle

- Tools (Pickaxe, Hammer, Axe…)

Each Item has different Stats, Requirements and Skills, so its useful to read what you buy. Check if you really need that Item! Hats are always important cause they Boost your Loading Capacity (for Ship or Character), SP or HP.
Tools are avaiable in Levels 1, 31, 61 and 91!


Skill 1 -> Lvl 1 available
Skill 11 -> Lvl 2 available
Skill 21 -> Lvl 3 available

So, if you have Sword-playing Level 17, Eloquence 25, Seabattle 12, Voyage 48 and Timber Felling 66 you are able to buy the following:

- Sword Level 2
- Clothing Eloquence Level 3
- Clothing Seabattle Level 2
- Clothing Voyage Level 5
- Timber Axe Level 2 (cause here are the Steps 1,31,61, and 91)

Important Newbie Hint:
First get Clothing for Seabattle. This will grant you the Maximum Defense possible with your Skill Level. For collecting always get the highest available Labor Suit and Eloquence Hat. This will grant you the most possible Loading Capacity and SP Recovery. (faster Reload of your Energy Bar)


6.) The Trading

The Trading System is much easier as it looks like. The higher the Distance between two Ports, the better the Trading Experience and Silver Reward. You only have to check that the Good you are carrying is not offered by the Port you want to go to. Some Goods are available in different Ports and the Cash back and Experience is really low then.

Simply use the below Formula to calculate your Trading Result:
The higher the Goods Level & Distance, the higher the Experience & Silver!

There is one Special Case, that will Boost your Exp. and Reward:
Each City has some Popular Goods, that will appear in the Popular Goods Chat. When you deliver the Goods, a City wants in Time tothe Cities Trader you will get double Experience and Silver. To post the Popular Goods of the City you are in go to Trader and click Market.


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7.) The Discoveries

Sailing High Seas, some so called Sparklies will appear. Mostly near the Coast white Points pop up. These Sparklies are a Sign that here is something to find.
Place your Ship into these Sparklies and activate the Discovery Function in F-Keys. The Function will ask you how many Sailors you want to send. Type 5-10 at first and confirm.
And now –many News appear in Public Chat
Sailors will die, some Provision, Silver or Items may be found, your Ship might cause some Damage, Fish is foundand placed to Goods in your Ship… Do not cancel this Process – wait until allsend Sailors died OR you get a New Discovery. A small Icon will appear lower Right and show you the Name of the new Object in your Logbook.
If all Sailors died, sail some Distance away from the Discovery and go back to there. Place your Ship again into the Sparklies a new try! It might help to rotate the Camera a bit – Sparklies Location might be different now!

After making some Discovery go to one of the Identifiers and Submit the new Discovery. Its now authenticated in your Logbook and you will get some Silver Coins and Reputation as Reward.

Important Newbie Hint:
First do all Discoveries of Level 1 and autheticate them at one of the possible Identfiers.
After that check all Adventure Alliance Missions for Level 1 Discoveries, go there and accept the Task. Now you only have to submit it again to get your Reward.
The Adventure Missions are mostly Tasks like “Find Discovery Baobab at Highseas onx and y Coordiantes”. After doing all Level 1 Discoverys you can accept these Tasks and Submit it directly. The same you can do after for all higher Discovery Levels.
This is really effective! After you did Level 1, 2 and 3 Discoveries with this Method you gain something around 300.000 total Reputation and 10.000 Silver with each Discovery you authenticate.

Important Newbie Hint:If you have some Sparklies that are hard to find, sail away from the Sparklie and try again. Turn the Camera while you sail to Sparklie Location. Check the Almanac for Sparklie Locations and Mark the discovered. There is also a Map that shows the Location of each Sparklie on the World Map


8.) The Authentification

Each Ingame Discovery (on Land and on Highseas) has to be authetificated. There is a couple of Identifiers all around the VCO World, you can give your findings to. To authentificate an Animal, Plant, Building or Landscape you need a Special Object, you have to give to the Identifier.
The Findings will all be put in your Logbook, and you can click on it. Findings you already have authenticated have a little Text Discription in Logbook Entry. The Findings without Authentification are shows with: “Haven’t been authenticated yet”

It works like this in Regular:

Animals and Mob (Skeletons,Mummys…)
You will make a Discovery when you come close to the Mob. Now its on you to kill the Mob as long as it Drops some Authentication Item. Mostly its something with the same Name like the Mob. A complete List of all Athentication Items is available in Almanac Mob List!

Discover a new Plant and pick it up. Give one of the Plants (not the Seed!) to the Identifier to autheticate the Plant.

See above Point 7.

Most Buildings like Pantheon, Pyramid, Labyrinth of Crete can be autheticated by completing some Quest. These Quests might be hard sometimes and you have to pass some Skill Requirements to start those Missions. When you are unsure what Item is needed to authenticate, use the Almanac Search Function and search for the Name of the Building.


9.) AFK-Levelling
Required: Turn on in Settings "Game Functions" -> "Automatic Counterattack" = (Yes)

To level-up your Weaponskill might be no Problem with a Good Level 21 Armor and Hat. Use Seabattle Armor here for most Defense.
Go to Sicily(for a Test stay on your PC) enter Island Inland and search for Boars. (Afterentering turn right!) Now kill the Boars and watch where they Respawn. Stand still on this Location and your Character will kill the Mob as long as the Durability of your Sword, Hat and Armor lasts. After that you will die and loose some Reputation. In four Hours you are able to get 5-6 Skill Level (ormore)


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10.) The Group-battle Bonus
Whatever you do in Battle– do it in Team! It will bring a Group Battle Bonus, what means massive Extra Experience. Use the Make Team Function to build a Team with your Mates and stay close to them when you battle Mob or Ships. Not only the Extra Experience is one Result of the Team Function, you will also receive a Group Defense Bonus for all Teammembers.

11.) Pirates and Storm
When you are at High Seas, Storm and/or Pirates can be a Danger. You can sail around a Storm to avoid beeing caught by it. When a Storm got you the Scene will change and now you have two possible Options:

1.) Reduce Sails, Cast Anchor and wait for 5 Minutes. Advantage: Damage is reduced for Sailors and Ship but you do not gain the double Voyage Experience

2.) Reduce Sails to a minimum and sail slowly through the Storm. Now you gain Extra Voyage Experience, but your Ship might be highly damaged and your Sailors die.

The higher the Storm level, the higher the Damage your Ship and Sailors take.

Useful for Pirates:
1.) Pirates Raiding Ships will attack when you have Goods on Board. (Attention: You will get some Goods from Discoverys!)
2.) There are three different Options to handle Pirate Attacks:
- Bribe: Pay some Silver to the attacking Pirateand the Pirate will leave. The higher your Ship-level, the more Expensive the Bribe
- Overhelm: Escape from Pirate. If the overhelm is successful the Pirate disappears, if unsuccessful you will enter Battle Scene
- Attack: Attack the Pirate and Enter Battlescene
3.) You will only be attacked by Pirateships of your Level. The Goods you carry and your own Ship level decides what Ships will attack you. If you need a specific Type of Ship you can work a bit with your Goods Level and Ship Level to get what you need.

A shot List:
Ship Level 1-3 – Goods Level 1-2 = Peg Leg and Iron Hand Raiding Ships
Ship Level 1-4 – Goods Level 3-4 = Peg Leg, Iron Hand and Steel Touth Raiding Ships
Ship Level 1-5 – Goods Level 5-6 = Iron Hand, Steel Touth and Golden EyeRaiding Ships
Ship Level 1-6 – Goods Level 7-8 = Steel Touth, Golden Eye and Jackal Raiding Ships
Ship Level 1-8 – Goods Level 9 = Golden Eye, Jackal and Skeleton Raiding Ships
Ship Level 1-10 – Goods Level 10 = Jackal, Skelton, Devil and Hades RaidingShips

12.) The Quests:
Most important first: Check what you accept!!! The Questguides in Almanac tell you what you need, what you have to do and what Reward you will gain. In some Cases you have to kill Mob or Purchase Goods you do not have the required Stunt or Skill Level for. Do not accept those Tasks! Small steps in Quests are better than accepting all Missions that are available for you. There are different Types of Missions – Merchant, Warrior, Adventure and Storyline Quests. You have to speak to different NPC’s to get those Missions. Read Questguides!


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Related Links & THX to:
- All those Great and Useful Guides in here! Picked some Informations needed for this Guide there
- - German VCO Guide Database where i picked the Strcuture of this Guide from
- Cangoo and his amazing VCO Almanac (
- IGG for releasing this, for Newbies so complicated Game. Without you, this Guide has been unwritten
- Musketeers Guild and Friends who helpend me with collecting Informations
- Almanac Support Board:

And many many more...

     - Columbus Server -
- Musketeers Guild Leader -

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