Fast Level a WARSHIP !!

Fast Level a WARSHIP !!

Best way to lvl ME .

FIRST = Concentrate on CANNON stunts and use HIGHEST lvl Cannon ----You only get 37 a side --and SB exp is Doled out by how much Damage you do as well as for each sinking .

Second ---GET HIGH VOYAGE !!!  

You only have 110 sailors ---you will have lvl one shield if any ---Your guys will die way before your Hull.
High Voyage = Voyage suits with High Sailor protection.

CARRY lvl one timber and ore .
Use ram shields at a minimum ---You CAN make shields in a BF --as long as you can get away from getting shot at .-----every little bit of protection helps --
If it is me I am lvlg Ship building as high as possible before I leave port --- I want the quick repair stunt !!
If your on Marco Polo ----get the sea battle Charm for noobs --like Admiral of the Navy -- You want the stats trust me.
If you were lucky to find sea battle ornaments in Cloud thing wear them .
If Not ---Bring a naval uni with you for the BUFFS --activate buff --put on the Voyage uni .
USE grape for the BF ---the ships have Cannon proof shields---not sailor proof .

If you prep before you leave port --by doing ares alliance quest -escorts etc...for the SB exp --you want at least lvl 3 bucks --why BUCKS ?
They have better Coverage --with the Dragon you have manuver and speed you wont get with a warship. Use it to go into piles --then bug out .

If at all possible invest 40 points in a sailor gift pack from the item mall---
Give you emergency repair for Hull and Sailors ---you can carry way more Ammo and LOOT if u don't have to load up on repair kits and food .

Now --with the lvl 3 u are good to go for GB bf near Seville ..
I would do Corsica to try for flags later --after you get some land skills and Grapple skill --but for now --ME comes FIRST and that means CANNON stunts.

Scrounge GB till you load up your ship with lvl 4 Bucks .
Even lvl 4 one side Buck -one side Howitzer is ok ...just means u will have to pay attn to what your doing more.
If your dedicated you can fill up with lvl 4 PM --higher range slower load time --fast load =more exp per hour.
So u compromise --for SB TRAINING use the reg cannons --for PVP or Pirate fighting a Freedom -arbital-Frigate --better have lvl 7 Player Mades---or BETTER --and Quality Buck shot .

After you load up with Cannon --you should have gained some Nice lvls just spamming cannons---Hit North Sea BF --and  Harvest the ships there for loot and Cannon .
Next is Cape ---I advise player mades or at min lvl 7 Tortue bucks .
You should be at least ready for a lvl six in a short time in Cape.......
Now I'd rebuild your Dragon --and look for a good FH'd or if you spammed SB Drawings for shields and FH .
51 me = lvl 6 Warship .

Takes maybe 28 hours . Depends on your cannons and Your skills....even with a noob alt I made a lvl 6 in a week


I can not edit anything written by ledhed...
so here is a translation from led-speak to regular English

SB = SeaBattle
"If your on Marco Polo ----get the sea battle Charm for noobs ..." - charm not given out when creating account anymore
"if you were lucky to find sea battle ornaments in Cloud thing wear them . - Colorful clouds is an event we have not had in a while.
uni = uniform
"USE grape for the BF" - I think grape refers to a type of ammo
BUCKS  = Buckshot Cannons
Dragon = old type of starter ship, is now Caroelle
"Now --with the lvl 3 u are good to go for GB bf near Seville" - with the level 3 (ship) you will do fine in the Gibraltar Battlefield near Seville.
ME = Military Equipment a ship attribute.

- Ele

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Add to guide--

work the quest line to get sea battle ornaments --and voyager times --
If not BUY them as soon as possible.
Do the Quanzo quest as soon as you are able to hunt pireates in st Andrews.
Consider using as your proffesion RMO -- or treasure Hunter...if your commited to Sea battle.
work quest line to get refined navigation star then trade it among ships to level them and your sea battle as the more cannon you use and the higher the battlefield you can survive in --as well as higher level cannon you use --will correspond with more exp given per ship shunk .
use experiance scrolls as much as possible as they stack --try to use them on days server has 1.5 to 3 x experiance .