Leather / Prey

Leather / Prey

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    Well I didn't find any guid that mentions or informs about this. Leathers... not many use them but are needed... especially at high levels, like from 7 to 10.
    So I wanted to make a list of the locations for all the 10 levels of leather.


    Red is the name of locations.

    Level 1 leather dropped from: Rabbit, Red fox Athens, Alexander, Istambul, Beirut

    Level 2 leather dropped from: Bellwether, Raindeer?. Red fox Athens, Alexander

    Level 3 leather dropped from: Wild boars, Wolf lord, Coyote, Jackal, Wild Wolf Genoa, Sicily Island, Lisbon suburb, Bombay suburb, Sardinia island, Thassos island, Lemnos island

    Level 4 leather dropped from: Frogs Sicily caves, Lisbon suburb, Sardinia island, Seville suburb

    Level 5 leather dropped from: Bears Lisbon suburb, Mallorca island

    Level 6 leather dropped from: Lizards Mallorca island, Faial adventure island, Semarang suburb

    Level 7 leather dropped from: Sea serpents Santa Maria island

    Level 8 leather dropped from: Rhinoceros, Zebra Congo forest (Luanda)

    Level 9 leather dropped from: Tigers Madagascar

    Level 10 leather dropped from: Original Fox Devil, Black Fox, Fox Spirit, and Fox Devils Beijing


    Red is the name of locations.

    You can always use higher level prey if the recipe requires a lower level kind.

    There is NO Level 1 prey -- Worn Hide is NOT a prey.

    Level 2 prey - Small Hide - dropped from: Wolf Lords Venice, Genoa, Tripoli, Barcelona, Algiers, Seville, Lisbon ...and many other places, check this city guide for those.

    Level 4 prey - Scorpion Tail

    Level 5 prey - Hide - dropped from: Frenzied Bear Mallorca island inland

    Level 6 prey - Advanced Hide - dropped from: King Kong Congo Jungle

    Level 7 prey - Bee Sting - dropped from: Queen Bee, Killer Bee Sicily island inland

    Well I forgot some locations and names... maybe someone can give me a helpful hand and we can finish the list. Will appreciate it very much. I hope this hasn't been done yet, I haven't found any guides that refer to this using search function, maybe my queries were the wrong ones...

    And if you can add more locations, that would be great.


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